Pro Choice verses No Choice

If a young girl wants to have sex, she has that choice. If that girl uses birth control or not she has that choice and if she chooses to use birth control many believe the government (the people of our society) is expected to pay for it- NO CHOICE. If that girl gets pregnant she has a choice to give birth or to terminate the pregnancy by abortion. If she chooses abortion, many believe the government (the people of our society) is expected to pay for it – NO CHOICE!

If that girl chooses to give birth she has the choice of marrying the father or at least holding him accountable for support. If she chooses not to marry the father, the government (the people of our society) has the responsibility to provide health care, food, housing, cash payments, etc. – NO CHOICE! Pro-choice is about more than abortion. It’s about living in a society where irresponsible choices leave our society with NO CHOICES. Government is to be left with NO CHOICES.

Personally I am, Pro-choice … Pro Responsible CHOICE… I believe that we as parents and as Christians must choose to be more responsible and more active in equipping our children and grandchildren (both boys and girls) with the ability to make the RIGHT CHOICES.  This begins with our EXAMPLE and with teaching our children extensively about God’s design for sex (marriage) and about personal accountability and responsibility in our choices… and that ABORTION is MURDER! Let’s consider the following statistics:

The GOOD NEWS (?) Abortions are down…  After dropping 25% from a high of over 1.6 million in 1990, the number of abortions performed annually in the U.S. has leveled off  to about 1.2 million a year. That is still over 3000 per day.

The BAD NEWS is that pregnancies are up… Many by CHOICE… A large percentage of this increase comes from women in their 20’s and 30’s…an increase in what is referred to as a “Non-traditional Family”.  Is this our society’s answer to lowering the number of ABORTIONS?

Keep in mind that these statistics are the result of many WRONG CHOICES made by our generation. Our children are the product of a society that beginning in the 1960’s has seen a steady decline in the moral fiber of our country by allowance and creation of the welfare state, practice of free love (shack ‘n up), teaching Man’s Theories of Evolution and the absence of prayer in our schools – a system allowing for no fault divorce, legalized abortion, women’s liberation movement, the devaluing of the father, thus the BREAKDOWN of the HOME as God designed it… turning our Trust and our Faith, from God the Creator, to the created (materialism and humanism).  After reviewing the results of these past mistakes, what can we expect the results of Same Sex Marriages to be?  If we keep doing what we have been doing – we will keep getting the same results.

If we truly put our “Faith and Trust” in God (and claim the name of Christian) why do we allow the world to turn God’s creation of all things in six literal days into a myth and accept man’s theories of evolution? Why, if we accept that God created man in his own image and from man created woman (as a helper fit and proper for man) would we not also accept that God created the institution of marriage, one man and one woman for life, an institution intended within which the sexual needs of both the man and woman are to be fulfilled  (to avoid fornication, which includes homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, i.e., all forms of sex outside of marriage) and an institution by which the population of the world is to be perpetuated, an institution in which children are to be born into and provided for physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Why, if we accept that man was made in the image of God do we allow and accept that abortion (killing of an unborn child) is a right and a choice of a woman? Why, if we accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God (God breathed), do we allow the world to blaspheme its very power and allow the world to continue to create doubt in the minds (Faith) of its followers? For those of you who choose not to believe in the existence of God, for those who choose not to believe the Bible is the inspired word of God – you are entitled to your beliefs and opinions…

…and your opinions about evolution, marriage (gay marriage, polygamy, no fault divorce, etc.) abortion for medical reasons (birth control, purity of race, whatever your motives) for that too – you are entitled to your beliefs and opinions.
But as for those of us who claim to put our “Faith and Trust in God”, let’s truly put our “Faith and Trust in God” and let it be seen in our actions and in the things we say and in the opinions we express about these issues.  Faithful Christians are not entitled to their own opinions but rather are committed to follow and defend the “will of God”.  If we truly put our “Faith and Trust in God” we must realize that God has entrusted His followers to teach the Gospel and all the teachings of His word to all who will hear.

Perhaps the time has come that we as Christians (of all ages) become more Pro-choice and Voice our Choice to avoid having NO Choice!


We all have a VOICE that can be heard… can be heard in the way we react, the way we choose to spend our time and our money (and with whom), and in the way we vote in elections from our local School Board to Local, State and National Officials.

By: Scott Jacques

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