Youth Ministry

These questions have been asked: Why don’t we have a “youth minister?  Do you think it is wrong to have a “youth minister”? Don’t you think we need one?  In fact, I received a call several months ago informing me that one of the nearby congregations had hired a “youth minister” and the caller expressed concern that we might lose many of our young families.

Perhaps the best response to these questions is… Just because we do not have a designated “youth minister” does not mean we do not have a “Youth Ministry“. In fact, this congregation is very involved in providing opportunities for our young children to be taught and encouraged to develop in their faith – opportunities to fellowship with friends of like faith, opportunities to grow in their service to the church…preparing them for the challenges that they may face in this life. Though no one person is designated as a “youth minister’, we can readily see this work of ministry to our youth by our parents who are faithful in their example, in their teaching, in bringing their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord,  and in their dedication to attend bible classes as well as all worship services.

We can see this ministry by our dedicated classroom teachers: At this time there are over seventy youth that attend our classes. We have eight classes (Nursery through High School) and don’t forget about VBS – these classes require a large number of teachers.

We can see this ministry in the sermons and lessons presented. We can see this ministry by those who attend and encourage our young men in singing on Sunday evenings. We can see this ministry by those who readily provide food and support for any and all youth activities.  prayers that are offered in behalf of our youth and their families. The list can go on and on. However; the ministering that is most influential on our youth is our example of faithfulness.

Lets’ all encourage our youth and their families to take advantage of all these opportunities. Let’s all let them know we love them, we are proud of them and we will continue to be there to support them as they grow both physically and spiritually.

Remember, we are all here to minister (serve) and encourage one another – not just to our youth, but to members of all ages.

Perhaps we should call ourselves “intergenerational ministers”… Christians of all ages, working together to achieve our common goal, a home in Heaven.

By: Scott Jacques

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