Are We Doing the Work of the Lord?

        One spring Sunday morning during worship services the preacher announced that Farmer Jones had been in an accident and was going to be laid up for several weeks, he would not be able to plant his crops. The news created some great concern among the members of the congregation so plans were made for a work day. The following Saturday several Christians gathered at the Jones Farm, as they gathered together they noticed the old house and the barn needed painting as well as needed repairs to the roof, fences were down, grass and brush needed trimming. With much zeal plans were made and for several weeks this group of Christians met at the Jones’ farm to work.

         After six weeks Farmer Jones was ready to come home.  With much pride, excitement and anticipation everyone gathered for his Homecoming. New paint and roof on the house and barn, fences repaired and the lawn trimmed to perfection. Certainly, Farmer Jones was going to be pleased.

        As Farmer Jones drove up he noticed how great everything looked, he recognized how much work had been done, he knew this work had been done out of humility and love. For this he was very appreciative. However, it was obvious by the look on his face, there was disappointment.

        “Farmer Jones, what is wrong?” everyone asked.

        Farmer Jones replied  “All this work has been done, yet the time is past and NO SEED HAS BEEN SOWN, therefore there will be no HARVEST.”

        Let’s not let our zeal to do good and desire for physical things overshadow the need and our responsibility to EVANGELIZE.

        Several years ago I read an article that used a similar illustration, it has stuck in my mind, I can’t remember the author of the story I think it was Batsell Barrett Baxter.

By: Scott Jacques


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