A few weeks ago my wife and I were preparing to go out for the evening and as she came into the room I asked “are you wearing that?” Her quick witted sarcastic response to my question was “Who are you the Fashion Police?”

Before we go any further I want to clarify that there was nothing inappropriate about what my wife was wearing, I was merely questioning the color combination.  However her question did get me to thinking,  how we as husbands and fathers do have and should acknowledge and take  responsibility to” police the fashions of our family”. Fashion is commonly defined as a current trend of popularity…Most often we think of FASHION in reference to items such as clothing, footwear, hair styles, make-up and accessories.

As Christians we want to always dress appropriately, keeping in mind what is popular or fashionable is not always appropriate, I do not mean not appropriate for activities but rather not appropriate in professing examples of modesty and purity in our lives. Fathers/Husbands we must be aware that the clothing we wear, hair styles, make-up, jewelry and others personal accessories have an effect in our families attitudes and in the image they (we) portray to others.

        Fashion can also refer to the places we go as well as the activities we are involved in.

There are obvious places we would not allow our families to go, such as a bar, a nightclub, or a casino, however we must use caution in allowing our families to attend seemingly harmless popular places such as theaters, parties, concerts and even school sponsored events. Many parents see no harm in allowing their children to attend Prom making compromise for the sake of popularity.  We must be aware that many activities though popular or fashionable are also inappropriate for Christians to be involved in, just as in attending Prom many may try to justify improper attire or Dancing for the sake of the activity. Swimming/Sporting Events/Cheerleading do not justify improper attire or body gestures for the sake of the activity.  We must never compromise what is right for the sake of being Fashionable or Popular.

Fathers/Husbands you must lead your families in ways that are fashioned (planned and made) according to God’s will and not according to what is fashionable(currently popular and acceptable) to the world. God has given you the responsibility to lead your family, to love your wife and children, to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. So the next time someone asks you” Who are you the Fashion Police?” proudly stand up and say “YES I AM”

By: Scott Jacques

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