Life In a Seed

It is amazing how just a small seed can produce such large plants such as the massive oak trees and other giant trees. How can this happen? Because there is life and power in the seed.
In the book of Genesis, God established a law whereby all things produce after their own kind – whether it be plant life or animal life. We see this happening each spring.
Time does not affect this law of reproduction in the plant world. I recently read of an account where Scientists found wheat seed in a pyramid that dated to around 2500 BC. This would make the seed 4500 years old. They placed this seed in fertile soil and to their amazement the seed sprouted and grew. This proved that the life of the seed properly stored and uncontaminated will survive regardless of how long stored.
This principle of sowing seed will also work in the church. If we want the church that Peter established on the day of Pentecost, we will have to use the same uncontaminated seed (Word of God – Luke 8:11) that Peter used and it will produce the same thing – the church.
Like the plant life seed, there is life and power in the word of God which time cannot alter. And, when this unaltered, uncontaminated word (seed) is planted in the minds of men, it will likewise produce after its own kind. It will produce Christians and Christians only.

By: Jerry L. Jacques

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