Summer Time with God Doodle Journal!

Summer, Time with God

So I bought my niece the Wreck This Journal book and it seems awesome, as I was thinking about it I was wondering how cool it would be if there was a Bible version or something similar. A way to be creative in thoughts about our Creator, so I sat down and came up with a few (over 40 lol) pages that could be used to focus on God while allowing creativity. Enjoy!

I printed them on cardstock front and back then used a small binding machine to make into books for my ladies Bible study!

Summer Bible Study pdf file


Crazy Love

I love, love, love this book! I have read this book thru as a study four times now, three times leading a group of women and have seen many different study guides to go along with it, including the actual study guide book… after all that I feel this is a great combination of all the online printable versions mixed with the study guide book. Also there is a teacher’s study guide with extra notes for thought at the beginning and room/reminder for prayer request at the end of each chapter’s questions. I hope you find this helpful and encouraging!

Crazy Love study guide

Crazy Love teacher’s guide

Everything marked in purple is in the teacher’s guide only.

Updated: September 2016


Guard Your Hearts

God Speaks Your Love Language by Gary Chapman

God Speaks Your Love Language is a nice follow up book to Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages (any version). This is a study guide I put together for our small group Bible study. I used the questions at the end of each chapter as well as the questions in the back of the book. I hope this is a help and encouragement to you as you read along! I also have a Teacher’s Guide you can find here. It only has a few extra questions for thought in the moment and extra space for prayer request at the end of each chapter.

God Speaks Your Love Language Study Guide

God Speaks Your Love Language Teacher’s guide



Guard Your Heart